Wales & West Housing reassures residents on fire safety


Wales & West Housing takes the fire safety of its residents extremely seriously and has worked closely with the Wales fire safety services over recent years to ensure all of its 11,500 homes meet relevant legislation and are safe.

Following the inquiry into the six deaths at Lakanal House fire in London in 2009, WWH adopted the safety recommendations to ensure the safety of all our residents.

The majority of our schemes are two to four storeys in height and each scheme has a fire safety plan tailored for each site. These plans are regularly reviewed to make sure they meet the needs of the residents and the properties. WWH owns very little high rise accommodation and has installed sprinkler systems where appropriate.

We do not believe any of our properties are clad in the same material used in Grenfell Tower, London, however we will be carrying out an audit of all materials to be absolutely certain.

We understand that residents living in our highest block, the eight storey Caerau Court in Ely, Cardiff, will be justifiably concerned. We are contacting them to reassure them that the cladding used in the recent refurbishment is not the same as that used in Grenfell Tower and is made of non-combustible mineral wool with no vented cavities.

We want to reassure our residents, answer any questions and allay any fears they may have arising from the tragic incident in London.