Cae Glas, Welshpool


Proposals for supported living scheme – Cae Glas, Welshpool

Leading housing association Wales & West Housing are proposing to build a supported independent living scheme in partnership with Powys County Council.

The scheme, comprising six bungalows, will provide much needed, high quality accommodation backed up with 24 hour care and support for adults.


Frequently Asked Questions


1 How much will it cost?

Around £1m.


2 Where is the money coming from to build it?

We will receive 58% of funding from the Welsh Government.


3 Is it for older people?

Not necessarily. It will accommodate Powys-born people aged 18+ who have a learning disability.


4 How long will it take to build?

Approximately a year. Following the public pre-planning consultation event of 12 January 2017,  plans are being prepared for submission to the Council for planning permission. 
Subject to planning, it is anticipated that works will start later in the year with the project being completed in early 2019 ready for occupation.


5 How high will the scheme be?

It will only be one storey high.


6 Will the building work cause access problems?

Any access problems will be controlled and kept to a minimum. There will be no site deliveries between 8-10am and 4pm-6pm.


7 How noisy will it be?

At the beginning of the project, during the first couple of months, there may be some noise but this will be during weekday working hours.


8 Will there be enough parking?

Yes, each bungalow will have its own car parking space.


9 Will staff live there?

No, but with 24-hour on site care, some staff will sleep over.


10 Will there be any jobs?

The scheme will provide local employment and training opportunities.


11 Will the gardens be maintained?

Yes, the scheme will have an attractive landscape which will be regularly maintained.