Money Advice Service


The Money Advice Service is an independent service, set up by the government, to help people make the most of their money. They give free, unbiased money advice to everyone across the UK - online, over the phone and face to face.

From financial advice to cope with life changing events like having a baby or retiring through to general tips about managing your money, the Money Advice Service has information useful to everyone.

The site also has advice about Universal Credit, the Government's new benefit system that is due to be rolled out nationally at the end of 2013. Though most people will not be affected by this change in the immediate future there are some aspects of it that would be worth preparing for now:

Get online

The new system will require people to claim their benefit online. Whilst accessing the internet can seem daunting, many libraries run sessions to introduce people to it and show them the many benefits of using the internet in your day to day life. Or call Communities 2.0 on 0845 474 8282 who may be able to tell you about suitable courses near you.

Open a bank account

Universal Credit will combine all the benefits you receive into one monthly lump sum which will need to be paid into an account. The Money Advice Service has lots of advice around opening a bank account, summarising the accounts available and the process of opening one.

You can find out more by going to, calling them on 0300 500 5000 or by booking a face to face appointment by calling 0300 330 0520.