Transferring to another WWH property

If you are already living with us you can apply to transfer from your current Wales & West Housing property to another. The way you will be asked to apply to do this will vary depending on where you want to move to. 

Cardiff, Merthyr and the Vale of Glamorgan

Each of these local authorities operates what is known as Common Waiting Lists. To find out more about how each of these work, and to get an application pack, please call our Housing Options Team on 0800 052 2526.

All other areas in Wales

You no longer have to complete a transfer application form to move to these areas. Instead simply call our Housing Options Team on 0800 052 2526 who will discuss with you your current circumstances and the reasons why you want to move.

You will be accepted onto our waiting list in your chosen area if:

  • You demonstrate a housing need
  • We think we can offer you a suitable property within two years

If we are unable to help you directly we will advise you on the alternative options which may be open to you.

Please note that if you break, or have broken your tenancy agreement, generally we will not consider your request for a transfer. So please make sure that:

  • your property is in good condition
  • your rent is up to date
  • you don’t cause a nuisance to your neighbours

What is a sustainable transfer?

If you want to move within your current scheme to a similar property with the same number of bedrooms, for example, then we can accept you onto the waiting list as a sustainable transfer.

In these circumstances you do not have to prove a need to move as you will still be leaving a similar property available to house someone else.

What is a management transfer?

Some transfers benefit the Association and enable the better management of stock and waiting lists. Examples of management transfers are a move from an area for which there is high demand to a less popular area or a move that means the resident is no longer under occupying a property.

In these circumstances you do not have to prove a housing need and the maximum numbers on the waiting list can be exceeded.