We know that caring for a pet can bring companionship and happiness and we are more than happy to support responsible pet ownership. So we have drawn up these few simple rules to help you understand what’s acceptable to us, and what’s not.

Let’s be sensible

We don’t expect you to ask our permission to keep a goldfish. However, before buying or obtaining any other sort of pet, please ask permission from us to do so first.

Usually we are happy to give the go-ahead for you to keep the following in your home:

  • cats
  • dogs
  • hamsters
  • rats
  • guinea pigs 
  • rabbits
  • birds (both those kept inside and outside your home)
  • reptiles
  • chickens
  • insects 
  • and aquariums. 

However, please note that anything does not ‘go’ and we will not allow you to keep pets including:

  • Any animals which should be registered under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. You can get an up-to-date list of all animals which the Act requires to be registered from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) website www.defra.gov.uk
  • Dogs specified in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. These dogs are only permitted if a resident has obtained a certificate of exception from the courts. A current list of these dogs can be obtained from the UK Direct Government website www.direct.gov.uk
  • Please also note that if you already have two dogs, two cats, or a dog and a cat, we will not allow you to keep another dog or cat. In other words, two is fine, three is too many.

Irresponsible pet ownership

It goes without saying that you must not only look after your pet properly, but you must also make sure that it doesn’t cause a nuisance to your neighbours and local community.


We make the Cinnamon Trust’s most pet-friendly list

Several of our retirement housing schemes are featured in a guidebook produced by the Cinnamon Trust on pet-friendly older person’s accommodation in the UK. And our Sydney Hall Court Scheme at Connah’s Quay has been named as one of the UK’s top 4 most pet-friendly retirement schemes in the UK in the 2013 Pet Friendly Awards by the Cinnamon Trust - a specialist national charity for people in their later years and their pets. 
At an awards ceremony held at the Lanesborough Hotel in London, WWH Scheme Manager Rob Holmes collected a framed certificate and £250 to be spent on a pet-related project at the scheme, to be agreed with the residents.
"Currently eight dogs, a cat and a budgie live at the scheme. Having a pet can make all the difference to a resident's life. It gives them company, a responsibility for looking after their pet and a reason to go out, keeping them healthy. For those who aren't well enough to look after pets, they enjoy having them around the scheme" said Rob.  "The back gardens are fully enclosed so the pets are kept in a safe environment. WWH welcomes pets to the scheme and they're also allowed into the communal lounge."

The Cinnamon Trust is an organisation based in Cornwall who specifically assist elderly people with pets. For more information go to www.cinnamon.org.uk